Why Fit?

When we set up Fit, we asked ourselves why? Why nutritious food? why Meal prep? Why those ingredients, seasonings and cooking techniques?!

If you’re unsure on whether or not its right for you, or why we do what we do, then this will hopefully answer your questions. This is a short nutrition information overview on why we do it the way we do.

Nutrition First!

Nutrition comes first in everything we do. We say it a lot but thats because it is the core to everything we do at Fit! 

Now nutrition has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people, to some its superfoods, immune boosting ingredients, medicinal dietary choices. To others its the calories and macros on the back of a pack that help them towards their goals. To some its all about losing weight and to others not about weight at all! Fit cater for this by having multiple plans from getting lean to gaining muscle but here is why food always wins when it comes to reaching your goal.

There are no shortcuts!

The Fitness industry has a lot of people telling you their product/diet/pill is the short cut to your dream body. While science is forever advancing and one day we may find a single supplement that instantly gets us looking like our dream body, we are not there yet. The journey to our dream body consists of a balance of smart work in the gym and a good nutrition plan based on our goals so that everything can be as streamline as possible towards on your journey to a better you!

We handle the food so that not only do you not have to shop, cook or clean, you also don’t have to spend years learning and researching nutrition, ingredients and diets.

The benefits to our food compared to preparing your own meals is that you can know straight away whether the calories fit your current goals or not without having to weigh ingredients and calculate the calories of each single ingredient! Our meals come with a calorie and macro breakdown as well as a barcode scanner for MyFitnessPal! 

Don’t know how to tell if our calories fit your goals? Why not let us tailor your meals directly to you. With an online or phone consultation we can figure out exactly what you need to fuel your day and build a plan thats perfect for you. Your body is unique and so are your energy demands, meaning portion sizes could need adjusting to help you to your goal calorie intake.

Online Coaching & Food Plan Bundle!

Why Not let us take over your diet, training and weekly check ins with our BST Bundle Deal!

With Bespoke Fitness Portal for you to log in to 24/7. Feedback sheets for daily changes and education on other apps we use along side such as MyFitnessPal! This Bundle is for those who want to take it to the next level.

Our partnership with BST Training allows your coach to speak directly to the chefs making every meal personalised to the plans built just for you.

Video check ins weekly based on your feedback and interactive charts that are built in to your training portal.

This is not just for bodybuilders! Get in shape for your wedding, get healthier in general, have accountability and learn about you and your body!

At Fit we truly believe that the future of fuelling our body is HERE!

Believe that healthy food and taste should go together in every meal and that it should be one click away from your front door. We have been a part of the fitness industry for about 5 years now and we started not only because it is our job but because it is also our passion.

We have had the opportunity to visit multiple expo’s, seminars and courses, all based around food, fitness  or nutrition. We do this to perfect our trade, bring you exciting new ideas and ingredients and so we can be the best we possibly can!

Fresh Fast Food

We use the freshest locally sourced ingredients to create our meals.

Food can be the driving force in your progress but it can also be a huge roadblock if you don’t have the knowledge or skills to prepare a diet that suits you and your goals. That’s where we come in! 

Our food is designed with the highest quality nutritious ingredients, ensuring every meal is packed full of micro nutrients, protein along with being extremely tasty and enjoyable to eat!

We have set plans for people with a specific goal e.g: Low carb, lose weight, vegan etc. This again takes a step out of the process for you, instead of searching through meals and calories to find ones that fit you, just pick a plan which sounds like your goal, pick the meals you like the sound of and we’ll get our chefs straight on it.

Want to try a couple? No Problem! You can order individual meals as well and we’ll deliver them to you, no contracts, no commitment, just healthy meals!

The benefits to what we do!

Let us do the Foot work

Let us take care of the Nutrition, Cooking, Cleaning and delivering. Making it super easy for you to eat healthy meals daily, without any hassle!

Take care of the engine

Your body is a machine! This means it has to be fuelled correctly. Why not find out what happens when you find the sweet balance between restaurant quality flavour and nutrition backed ingredients!

Train Mean, Eat Clean

We have been a part of the fitness industry for many years. Its often hard as a beginner to find good sources of reliable information. Let us take the thought out of your pre and post workout nutrition! Just input your goals and away we go.

The Science Behind Food.


Calories, Macros, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Micronutrients, Cholesterol. You will have heard of most of these words in relation to both health and nutrition but understanding the definition of each, will help you understand why we do it the way we do when it comes to crafting our meals. 

Calories (Kcal) are our bodies fuel, like petrol in a car. We burn calories just being alive, pumping blood around the body and breathing. The calories we burn doing this is called your BMR. On top of this we burn calories when we move, whether thats just walking or training in the gym. When the body is not fuelled properly, it will start to feel sluggish, weak and not work optimally. This can be from either lack of calories or poor food choices both of which we can help you with specific to your body type and goals.


Macros aka Macronutrients consist of 3 main groups – Protein, Fats and Carbohydrates.  Protein and Carbohydrates both contain 4 calories per gram and fats contain 9 calories per gram. So if a meal contains 10g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates and 10g of fats, thats 40Kcal + 40Kcal + 90kcal meaning that meal would be 170 calories altogether.

Your diet should also be worked out like this, work out first how many calories you need to reach your goal whether thats lose weight or gain weight, and then based on your body and training workout how many grams of each macro your body needs! Or speak to our diet specialist and they will do it for you.



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